VR Church at the moment is an idea: it is not so much concerned with fulfilling the role of a traditional church; but more with how we might go about improving our church life with innovation and advanced technology such as virtual reality. For instance:

  • What if we could have a virtual reality experience which helped us find time alone with God before Church so that we came in ready to worship from the get go?
  • What if we had mobile applications that reduced the time we take to do tasks and allowed people to focus on decision making.
  • What if we had a way of receiving the word of God which was more memorable that other routes?
  • What if we could create a virtual reality experience of a Church which helped people take the step to enter a real Church?

Fellowship and Community are one of the pillars of Church and once of the wonderful gift’s it brings to people and it would be sad to see technology replace real face to face friendships. One of our goals is to make sure that we are producing technology that helps people connect and fulfil God’s plans for their lives in the real world; rather than drawing them into a virtual world all on their own.

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