VR Church: Beatitudes

The artwork has just been finished for the latest “VR Church: Beatitudes” app which will be released initially for the Gear VR, with other platforms to come later. Although the artwork has come out wonderfully, the real gems in there are the beatitudes themselves and what they inspire. There are two experiences within the app, one which contains a devotional for each beatitude, and another that is a deeper look at the beatitude:

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”

The experiences are done with interactive videos rather than real 3D so that there is a polished result which performs well without unnecessary judder that leads to motion sickness.

The app will hopefully be coming to the Gear VR store within the next few weeks. If you would like any further information or are wondering how this technology could benefit your Church then please get in contact at:

VR Church

Here is a quick screenshot for now:


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