VR Church: Psalms Experience

The VR Church Psalms experience has been released on google cardboard on Android with Samsung Gear VR and iPhone Cardboard releases to follow. You can get it on the Google Play Store at:


The experience contains 5 Psalms, each in a different area of the Gardens of Esperanza. The Psalm’s highlight God’s loving kindness and impart hope and confidence in a way that is immersive and memorable. There are 3 music tracks that provide an ambient background sound for you to read and worship with. The app stores have few Christian VR apps and this will join apps like Bible VRX to present different ways in which people can interact with and understand God with new technologies.

This is an exciting time because we have a new media form and it is just becoming clear how people can connect with God and have new spiritual experiences through them. From personal experience this Psalms experience has provided much needed faith during a period without financial assistance, and in spite of having no venture capital, seed funding or even a steady job; God has provided for my every need, every bill has been paid and I have lacked nothing that I needed. Without the hope and faith that comes from the Pslams I would have spent endless hours searching for jobs and wouldn’t have had the concentration to create something like this.

Whilst being absorbed in the Psalms in this way has built my faith and hope, it also presented moments where I got see the Psalms from a new direction and wonder at David’s confidence in Psalm 23; as well as finding a quiet space where I could worship and relax in great surroundings and take a moment out of my busy life to connect with something greater. Whether or not people decide they want this, the experience of making it has greatly enhanced me and so I hope there will be time to release new experiences in the coming weeks.

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I hope you get as much, if not more out of this than I have.

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